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Zeus Model

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Zeus Model

Addiction works as a particular enjoyment, different from the one that may be common to everybody, and this enjoyment – that of the addict – must be differentiated. This is how a process of “singularization and recognition” begins. This is the greatest problem for people who suffer from addiction, which must be avoided, even if it constitutes their great need: to be different from what is given, from the environment, from what is common and established (in general).

Addictions are not explained by the substance or object on which satisfaction is fixed (tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, shopping, gambling, etc.), but by the unconscious operation that determines them: their function. The “what for”, the “how”, the “why”, all of it plays a role in the recovery program.

The addictive and dependent personality will do everything possible to continue and maintain the dependence. And the one who fixes a need in an object, who uses drugs repeatedly will never get out of that state: dependence.

For an object, whatever it may be, to acquire an addictive characteristic, something more than a chemical factor is needed, a displacement is required, one of a symbolic, adaptive type, where this object happens to occupy a place, replacing the real need. Which? That will depend on each person who requires the addiction to “fulfill” or “satisfy” his or her lack.

Drugs, such as drug addiction, thus represents the effect, the consequence, not the cause or origin of the problem. This is crucial to bear in mind if the problem is wanted to be nipped at its roots, otherwise it will be just alleviated repeatedly to a different extent, in anacceptable way on a social level and, above all, on a symbolic level, but the origin of the problem will not be solved.

The recovery program tries to solve the underlying pain, the cause that originates these behaviors, a pain that is perhaps scarier and generates more distress than the addictive behavior itself. We do have here a subject who suffers, a person who tries to resist, but finds it difficult; this seems to be a necessary condition to be able to undertake a treatment with curative and non-palliative purposes.

Converting each type of addiction into a specific pathology and each substance into a subspecific addiction, only leads to the comfortable prejudice that the evil is in the drug and that the cure would be achieved with the cleansing of the body and the abandonment of the habit.

Intoxication does not bring happiness, not even temporary, but only the absence of psychic pain. Pain is caused by excess load that has not been channeled. Pain is, therefore, the way how a traumatic rupture between the defenses with which someone has and the invasion of an external element that is not assimilable,is experienced.

Faced with this situation and the rush with which society strives to produce, the chemist becomes a palliative; it may be more accessible to the psychic apparatus, insofar as it condenses its hopes.

Unfortunately, it will not give the fruits that are expected from it, since the chemical, like drugs, alcohol or any other substitute, refers to displacement, in which pain reliefs and / or the real need of the person will be even more vulnerated, since as it is just a palliative, a substitute, it does not solve the problem, it only patches it; it is thus intended not to see the hole that has been the cause of the pain, which will surely grow more and more if the right solution is not taken, especially if, instead, solutions are sought in the short term and with remedies that just pay attention to the surface of the object.

For all these reasons, Centro Zeus offers an introspection program, in addition to the acquisition of healthy socio-therapeutic habits and the prevention of relapses.


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