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Involved with sustainability and the environment


ZEUS CENTRO TERAPÉUTICO, S.L. is a company fully involved with sustainability and the environment, giving total and absolute priority to ecological issues and measures to combat the climate change and to emphasize the circular economy.

To this end, all our centers, including the clinic, create “clean points”, have containers for recycling organic and inorganic products, paper and cardboard, plastic, and glass, which are conveniently classified and deposited in the corresponding landfills; they all follow the 3 essential aspects to develop a successful recycling plan: reduce, reuse, and responsibility.

Likewise, in our therapeutic centers, patients have the option of developing gardening, ecology, floriculture, botany, agriculture, farming, sustainable development, and horticulture. Extensive efforts are dedicated to the care of flora and fauna, our centers accept all kinds of pets, and accommodate ducks, chickens, geese, fish, and all kinds of pets and plant species.

Finally, one of the attractions most appreciated by our patients is horseback riding through natural beach and mountain landscapes.


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