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Zeus Centre

Rehabilitation centre

Get your life back with an individualised treatment that guarantees your rehabilitation without relapse.



I want to take the first step!

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Zeus Centre

Rehabilitation centre

Get your life back with an individualised treatment that guarantees your rehabilitation without relapse.


I want to take the first step!

We will call you and arrange a free appointment.

Centro de adicciones Zeus

Zeus Centres

We are located in the Ebro Delta, a natural paradise that offers you the tranquillity you need right now. In addition, we have a network of collaborating centres throughout Spain.


You are unique

Your needs are different from those of other patients. We study your best option and conceive it, especially for you.


Alternative therapies

Some therapies enhance recovery, and we use them. Benefit from equine therapy, riding lessons, art therapy, music therapy, mindfulness, yoga, horticulture, sports therapy, pet therapy… and pave your way.

Pets are welcome

The strong ties between you and your faithful friend can help you recover the emotional bond lost due to the problem. You must make this journey together.

At Zeus Centre, we believe in you

A new beginning in your life is possible. Face where you come from and visualise where you want to go. Feel love for yourself again and let go of hate and disappointment.

That you feel welcome is essential, that’s why we take care of every last detail so that you have a stay with maximum comfort.

We want to be your trusted place where you feel protected and provide all the necessary tools to help your family.

You may feel fear; we promise that you can overcome it and make it disappear forever with the necessary support.

Logically, you feel accumulated pain; we teach you to manage it so that you regain peace.

Reconciliation is the key to success!

Can we help you?

We work with specific programs aimed at men and women, minors, adolescents, business people, executives… Our rehabilitation clinic treats all kinds of addictions and eating disorders.

Being surrounded by a team of professionals who offer you personalised attention 24 hours a day guarantees recovery. Now is always a good time to decide what will change your future.


In Zeus, there is a stay that adapts to you

We have different stays that allow us to work in small groups and guarantee a treatment designed exclusively for you. We help you choose the solution that best meets your needs.

Centro Zeus CT Adicciones
Zeus CT

Your maximum comfort therapeutic community focuses on psychoeducational treatment. It is indicated for patients who, beyond addiction, suffer from a change in behavioural habits.

Zeus Premium

Due to their social and work conditions, some people need extra privacy in the rehabilitation process, such as media figures or senior executives. It is your most private and confidential stay.


As part of our residential rehabilitation program, you receive a personalised recovery plan designed to address your specific treatment needs.

In addition, the recreational activities that are integrated into the daily therapeutic program encourage teamwork, cultivate responsibility and promote the building of your confidence and trustworthiness, a combination of essential qualities for any successful recovery. Sports, horse riding or equine therapy are some of the many recreational activities that you can practice.

Alternative Rehabilitation Clinic Treatment

Your physical and mental well-being is our priority and a commitment on which our drug and alcohol detoxification program is based. We are experts in alternative therapies: the perfect complement to conventional medical detoxification. These therapies help you relieve painful withdrawal symptoms, make the challenge of detoxification more tolerable, and achieve many benefits for your body and mind.

How do we make it easier for you? Including various alternative treatment programs such as massage therapy, equine therapy, guided meditation, sports, pet therapy, Reiki, yoga… essential tools that speed up your healing process.

Imagine completing your recovery process in this environment…
Your reference centre

The privileged environment in which we find ourselves, the personalised treatments with subsequent follow-up, the alternative therapies and the infrastructure designed for each type of patient make us unique. The accumulated experience and success stories of patients committed to treatment allow us to help people at any dependency stage.

We collaborate closely with the most prestigious drug addiction investigation unit in Europe and a benchmark in the world. We are pleased that our detoxification centre is internationally recognised and that we are a reference centre in the fight against addictions.

Fases del método Zeus

Así es cómo ayudamos a todos nuestros pacientes y sus familiares.
Queremos enseñarte las fases por las que probablemente deberías pasar.

Fase 1: Desintoxicación

Es la fase en la que el paciente debe estar más protegido para minimizar los efectos desagradables de la retirada de la sustancia de abuso, y en la que en algunas ocasiones se utiliza apoyo farmacológico para reducir el síndrome de abstinencia.

En esta fase se regula el ritmo del sueño, es donde se recupera la actividad física, se estabiliza el estado de ánimo y se conoce la historia personal del paciente.

Fase 2: Deshabituación

En esta fase el paciente adquiere hábitos saludables, identifica a través de la terapia cuáles son los motivos por los que ha desarrollado una adicción y los afronta de manera terapéutica. Es también en esta fase donde el paciente realiza los talleres de prevención de recaídas para garantizar la eficacia de la recuperación y se le prepara para dirigir su vida de manera autónoma.

Zeus no se centra únicamente en la recuperación en cuanto adicción, sino que el equipo terapéutico también le ayuda a diseñar su proyecto de vida, tanto laboral como académico y social ya que son aspectos importantes a tener en cuenta para garantizar la recuperación.

Fase 3: Reinserción

Una vez consolidados los hábitos de la fase 2, es cuando el paciente está preparado para enfrentar su día a día sin necesidad de volver a utilizar sustancias. En esta fase se realiza una prórroga del acompañamiento terapéutico y el seguimiento tanto de forma presencial y online con terapia semanal.

Disponemos también de un equipo médico especializado de forma online para personas de otras comunidades o países  que deciden realizar el seguimiento, y con los mismos profesionales que le han atendido durante el tratamiento.

Phases of the Zeus method

This is the path you must travel to achieve rehabilitation. Each phase has been carefully studied and designed to help you and your family from the first step.

Phase 1: Detoxification

It is the phase in which you must be more protected to minimise the unpleasant effects of withdrawing from the substance of abuse and in which pharmacological support is sometimes used to reduce the withdrawal syndrome.

When the rhythm of sleep is regulated, physical activity is stimulated, mood stabilises and when we take the time to get to know each other and understand your personal story.

Phase 2: Break the addiction

In this phase, you acquire healthy habits, identify the reasons that have led you to develop addiction and face them with the support of our therapeutic methods. Participating in relapse prevention workshops guarantees the effectiveness of your recovery and prepares you to lead your life autonomously.

Not only do we focus on recovering from your addiction, but the therapeutic team helps you design your life project at work, academic and social levels: fundamental aspects for you to achieve your goal.

Phase 3: Reintegration

When you consolidate the habits of the previous phase, you are ready to face the day to day without having to use substances again. We extend the therapeutic accompaniment, and we do a face-to-face and online follow-up so that you benefit from the weekly therapy.

Our specialised medical team offers online support for people from other communities or countries who decide to follow up. During treatment, the professionals who work with you remain by your side, no matter the distance.

Criminal Law and Civil Law

Our law department specialises in Criminal Law and Civil Law offers you the greater legal coverage possible according to your case.
What do those who have trusted us think?
Stories of people who dared to take the first step

I just wanted to thank you for what you have done for my partner. Thank you very much for having achieved what no one has achieved so far. Now we are much happier and we are teaching with the method. Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You have taught me to have mental stability, to be positive, to forgive and forgive myself, to see life differently, to take care of my words, to look at myself in the mirror and love myself, to play sports, to be silent and respect and endless values ​​that have changed life. I will be eternally grateful to you.

I will never be able to pay you enough and the knowledge that you have transmitted to me, but above all for teaching me to be happy. Thank you Luis and thanks to the entire team at Centro Zeus.

We cannot tell you that it will be easy, but we can assure you that it will be worth it.

For you, for your family, for those who love you.

Frequently asked questions

Can I bring my pet?

Sure! It can help you a lot in your recovery process.

Can I use a mobile phone?

Yes, but your referring therapist regulates the use for your benefit.

Can I continue with my studies online?

Yes, as long as your case allows it.

Can I have a personalised food plan?

Food is an essential element; the diet is designed exclusively for you.

Is there a translator?

Yes, we can communicate perfectly.

Is there a catering service?

We have it, and it is of excellent quality.

Can I have a TV in the room?

You can have it, no problem.

Is the food good?

Good, healthy and delicious.

Do you have a financing plan?

We have a financing plan that adapts to all kinds of needs.

Can I bring my computer and enjoy the internet connection?

Yes, and you can connect to wifi, as recommended by your therapist.

Can I keep in touch with my work life online?

Yes, as long as it is suitable for your recovery.

Can I play sports?

Not only you can play sports, but it is highly recommended that you do so.

Can I have a teacher for my studies?

You have this possibility; we have a great human team.

Is there a hairdressing service?

Yes, we want to take care of you in every way.

Can I receive visits?

Our doors are always open to the people you care about.

Does the centre have individual rooms?

Yes, we respect that you need privacy.

What percentage of patients recover?

100% of the people who have committed to doing the complete program.

Do you have free places?

We confirm it if you call us at +34 643 771 223

¿Puedo traer a mi mascota?
¿Puedo traer mi PC y disfrutar de conexión wifi?

Sí, regulado por el terapeuta de referencia.

¿Puedo utilizar teléfono móvil?

Sí, regulado por el terapeuta de referencia.

¿Puedo seguir en contacto con mi vida laboral vía online?
Sí, siempre que esté justificado.
¿Puedo seguir con mis estudios vía online?
Sí, siempre que esté justificado.
¿Puedo hacer deporte?
Sí, además es recomendable.
¿Puedo tener un plan alimenticio personalizado?
¿Puedo tener profesor/a para los estudios?
¿Hay servicio de peluquería?
¿Hay traductor/a?
¿Puedo recibir visitas?
¿Hay servicio de catering?
¿El centro dispone de habitaciones individuales?
¿Puedo tener televisión en la habitación?
¿Qué porcentaje de pacientes se recupera?
El 100% de los que completan el programa.
¿La comida es buena?
Sí, de primera calidad.
¿Tenéis plazas libres?
Llama para confirmar 678756033.
¿Tenéis plan de financiación?
0% relapses in the last four years

I want to help my loved one!

We know that helping a loved one start the road to recovery is a challenge; we understand the frustration and sadness you may feel at this time. However, you don’t have to go through this alone, and we can make things easier and finally change.

It is common not to recognise the problem; for this reason, we have a team of family interventionists and psychologists who travel to the affected person’s home. The objective is, first of all, to face the problem from home.

Our house is a comfort zone where we feel safe. Starting to carry out treatment at home allows people to access treatment in 99% of cases, with the advantage that they do not have to travel.

Rehabilitation centre: Price it can cost

We adapt to people’s needs, and the price of regaining control of your life is reasonable and affordable. However, it would help if you thought that the cost is the least of your worries and that the most important thing is to focus on your recovery.

Rehabilitation clinic: Price it can cost

The fundamental thing is that the treatment is the right one for your specific case and that you feel supported and motivated at all times so that you can follow it to the end.


I want my life back!

Leave us your information; we will call you and arrange a free appointment.