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About us

“Centro Zeus is the institution with the lowest percentage of relapse in the country”

About us

There is always a solution in any circumstance of our lives, and there is always a way to achieve happiness.

We know that no two people are the same, therefore, we want to help each one in a personalized, individualized, and specialized way.

The key to our therapeutic program is the individualization with which we treat each case, since each patient has different experiences, a different social and family history.

Centro Zeus is a unique, exclusive, and limited institution. In this way, each center has a limited number of 10 places, allowing to focus on each case individually and in a better way compared to what can be obtained in other centers.

Our multidisciplinary team made up of psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, educators, therapists and coaches will help you from the first call.

Our treatment method facilitates contact with patients, since they are not only attended to during consultation hours, but also live with them, which facilitates observation and data to know when the patient is ready to be discharged from therapy.

The patients of the Centro Zeus leave the institution highly prepared, to be able to direct the reins of their lives themselves thanks to the tools and techniques of introspection that Zeus Center offers. All this allows the patient to know the origin of his addiction, to know why he is addicted and, most importantly, to know how to avoid relapse in the future.

Centro Zeus provides an effective and intelligent response to address the problem of addiction, in addition to being the institution with the lowest percentage of relapse in the country.

Why suffering for something that has a solution?


I want my life back!

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